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Monsoon trip to Boronti, Purulia - July 2009

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Monsoon trip to Boronti, Purulia - July 2009

Postby manojit.pati » Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:17 pm

Day 1

After a night long train journey by Howrah-Chakradharpur passenger we reached Adra station on morning. Next a Asansol bound local train to Muradi station. You can see the “Jaichandi” hill from the train itself. One can reach Muradi from Asansol too. Muradi is a small station with a market attached.

Pickup service (from the resort) was waiting for us. Without wasting time, we finished the breakfast with “Puri-Sabji-Jelabi”.

Boronti have two places to stay but without any regular food service. They arranges for local cook and other utensils for their guests. You have to pickup vegetable, grocery etc from Muradi market. Boronti is just 15 mins drive (4 km) through village road from Muradi station.

Boronti is a picture-scape small village of tribal with a nice lake surrounded by hills covered with thick vegetation. We spend most of our time beside the lake on first day. The lake was just 2 mins from our resort.


Near the resort

Day 2

Morning at Boronti is a grate experience. Especially beside the lake. We were there around 6.00 AM to buy some fish from local fisherman. But, that was too late. They already left for the Asansol market.

But, what we get some good snaps. Anyway, after taking a nice breakfast with “Luchi-Alur Dam” , we started exploring the area nearby.

We explored nearby villages , few hills etc util feel hungry . We were expecting rain since it was monsoon time. It was too hot to sustain. But, luck was not in favor of us.

We passed rest of the day beside the lake. We got some “un-usual” view of the sky during sunset which was creating a “Out of this planet” view along with the hill and the lake. We decided to come back here again during winter time.

Towards Dandahit Hills

Boronti Lake

Get complete album from Picasa

Bronoti have problem of irregular electricity
Do not expect any luxury arrangements in the resort. Those are with basic facilities but sufficient.

This is my very first attempt to write a travelogue. Hence, I am expecting your honest comment/remark to improve my writing.
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Re: Monsoon trip to Boronti, Purulia - July 2009

Postby suryajit » Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:46 pm

It's too good ManojitDa. Great write-up.
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Re: Monsoon trip to Boronti, Purulia - July 2009

Postby kaustav.ganguly » Mon Nov 28, 2011 10:02 am

Nice travelogue manojit da, wating for more...
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