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One CRAZZY biker.. That's Me!

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One CRAZZY biker.. That's Me!

Postby longrider » Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:36 pm

125cc.. 13,000 Kms n counting.. 193 days. That's me! Hai Dum? Presenting my Motorcycle Diary..!!
My only friend.. my platina 125 (Humara Jaan)

Background and Introduction:

In my school days I used to stay at Begampur(w.b) since both my parents were working out there at the School. My father had a Bajaj cub which he bought second hand, in 1987,so by eight I was riding it up and it was a big thing for someone at that age; it has to be - riding a scooter at class six. Well still before that, when I was around may be 12 years or so he also bought an HH passion plus and I do have very fond tour memories with that too.
The rice fields and their heavy machinery made the dirt road real rough and bumping at my village in some places. Whenever used to get the opportunity would go out there and really loved the way it moved, my first OTR that time.



Then we got lots different bike in my home some for my uncle,some for my brother.
One by one I got TVS Victor,HH super splendor,HH glamour,Honda shine, hh karizma,Bajaj pulser 180,hh CBZ extreme.
But about pulser180,thats a different story for me,will write here some other time.


Then how I can not remember I converted into a Hero Honda lover,don’t know.


Going for higher education.
Leaving home ,staying in vellore.
Traveling a lot these days but only with rent car, no more 2 wheeling rides, me..just sitting besides the driver and wishing the drive gets over soon as I’m just being a spectator beside the driver yeah I was not happy,whatever, because it so simple “I am not driving!!”
Missing these.

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Re: One CRAZZY biker.. That's Me!

Postby suryajit » Thu Apr 12, 2012 1:09 pm

It's really good to see you here, longrider. :)
First picture is exceeding 1mb (max size). please upload little lighter one. Simple you can open a copy of the image in MSPaint and Save it without making any change. It will make the picture lighter without visible quality drop.
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Re: One CRAZZY biker.. When away from home..

Postby longrider » Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:12 am

Continuing after 1st post..

Then that’s the first time I started thinking about a bike in Tamilnadu, for some touring. I know about my budget capacity and so okay with a small bike or scooter, like scooty or activa, but me bad, bad boy - after a KARIZMA I needed a commuter or tourer as my pride toy.

And yes another rule, for me from my dad no second hand too. Went through my finances, it would real tight since my budget now was way expensive, by 40,000, but had that feeling, may I could just pull it off with little luck .

Started to look out for new bike, a commuter , but so nothing in the 35000 to 40,000, never considered the TVS moped. There was and still is a big void in the market for a good commuter which is as does strike the right balance between being a offroad and also a cruiser.

Started with the list to see what are the options out there, splendor, passion, discover,YBX,crux,platina.

At same time, came across team bhp site, and though not a member went through all the posts about these rides.

First came the passion, no question all reports everywhere and anywhere very reliable but pricey.

For crux: Now I did not like its looks at all but I was okay since never had that bias for and mind was a clean slate. Test drove it.

Now next here comes up our second choice ,splendor
know what, you get a feeling on this site, it’s just so perfect - yeah so “desh ki dharkan”!!!
Now if you crawl more the net and be game
Checking it out, looking at the backside, broadside, and the inside
It’s just a little bit cramped that’s what's my first minor dislike
Plus felt at high speeds it is a bit bouncing
I like long distance cruising,Long hours fast riding, without bruising. No way..


A pic to break the monotony..

Now one by one my list converted into test drives.

Now finally next comes the Bajaj discover and platina. The looks always been a killer, test drove it - it was like kind of sluggish off the ground but once it picked up speed it was a thriller. Once one sit on it and see and feels the comfort, there is no way one take out of mind when comparing to another vehicle. The NVH was a bit high but high stability was fantastic, another negative being the bad handling of the platina. The driving position is great and once you starting moving it really was a non-issue. Test drove quite some time, liked it much and still it was toss between the discover and the platina.
I saw and searched the sites, yeah right there were people telling horror stories and like.

At that same time, there were the news about new engine much improved 125, so postponed the buying decision in and waited for its confirmation.

Then the good news came out,platina125 coming is available. Now the reason for moving to platina 125 is the availablelity of self start and cast wheel in my budget .

And the very next day of owing with huge feeling, I started exploring Vellore on my bike with the help of wiki and google map and very helpful GOPI anna(manager of my hostel).
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