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Hello everybody!

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Hello everybody!

Postby suryajit » Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:11 pm

I’m Suryajit Bhattacharya, presently working as Senior Software Engineer at Mindteck India Limited. I like traveling too much, especially on Motorbike with loaded Camera. I always try to convert my trips into adventure, which gives great sensation and concrete memory. I call these three things as Bike, Camera and Action ;)

I mostly like natural beauties like mountains, hills oceans, deserts, fields, Jungles, falls etc. Then human engineering comes into the picture. Among all of them Mountains and Jungles wonders me the most.

My best trips till now are Kolkata to Sikkim on motorbike, Kolkata to Puri on motorbike and Kolkata Bhutan Jaldapara.
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