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Way to Puri (Orissa) from Kolkata

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Way to Puri (Orissa) from Kolkata

Postby suryajit » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:46 pm

Collected this from web. It helped me during my Puri Road Trip. So, I'm sharing this.
Driving Directions
1 Straight(<5m) on Naresh Mitra Sarani going toward Ashutosh Mukherjee Rd
2 Slight 1st Right onto Ashutosh Mukherjee Rd, go 0.5 km
3 Left (past Ghosh Jewellery on the right) onto Suhasini Ganguly Sarani, go 0.4 km.
Via Rabindra Sadan. Enter Jatin Das Park.
4 5th Right onto Madan Paul Ln, go 0.3 km.
Enter Rabindra Sadan.
5 Continue down Turf Rd: 0.2 km
6 2nd Left onto Sambhunath Pandit St, go <100m
7 1st Right onto Debendra Lal Khan Rd, go 0.3 km
8 3rd Left onto Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Rd, go 0.8 km.
Enter Ho Chi Min Sarani.
9 Straight (Keep Right) on Grand Trunk Rd(NH6 Hwy) flyover, go 3.2 km.
Via Brigade Parade Ground & Race Course.
Enter Haora at 1 km.
10 Straight (Keep Right) on Kona Expy(NH6 Hwy) flyover, go 8 km.
Via Shibpur, Chaterjihat, Barui Para, Ramraja Tala, Jagacha, Santragachi.
Enter Haora District at 5.9 km.
11 Continue down : 0.4 km.
Enter Nibra.
12 Continue down NH6 Hwy: 105 km (Past Nimbra High School on the right).
Leave Nibra.
Via Ankurhati, Paniara, Uluberia, Bagnan, Naupala at 24 km.
Enter Medinipur District at 46 km.
13 Left onto NH60 Hwy, go 70 km.
Via Kharagpur, Deuli at 18 km.
Enter Orissa at 61 km.
Enter Jaleswar at 69 km.
14 Slight Right onto NH60 Hwy, go 44 km.
Leave Jaleswar at 1.1 km.
15 Slight Left onto NH5 Hwy, go 72 km.
Via Baleshwar, Soro at 23 km.
Enter Bhadrak District at 64 km.
16 Take Slight Left, go 3.5 km.
Enter Bhadrak.
17 Continue down NH5 Hwy: 16 km.
Leave Bhadrak.
18 Slight Right onto NH5 Hwy, go 105 km.
Via Jajapur District, Cuttack District, Jajapur District, Cuttack District at 56 km.
Via Cuttack at 85 km.
Via Cuttack District, Khordha District at 96 km.
Enter Bhubaneswar at 102 km.
19 At Rasulgarh Sq, take 2nd exit ontoNH203 Hwy, go 12 km overall.
Enter Puri District at 10 km.
20 Right onto NH203 Hwy, go 24 km.
Via Pipili at 10 km.
21 Slight Right onto NH203 Hwy, go 20 km.
Enter Puri at 19 km.
22 Left onto V.I.P. Rd(NH203 Hwy), go 0.6 km
23 Slight 2nd Right (past Mandir on the right) onto Heragohiri Sahi Rd, go 0.6 km
24 Continue down Chitrakar Sahi Rd: 0.4 km
25 1st Left onto Marchikote Ln, go 0.2 km
26 Arrive at destination


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